Hampstead Roofing Specialists. A Flat roof is low maintenance, relatively low-cost roofing solution which can be suited to a range of applications.

There are now modern products which offer an extended lifespan and increased durability. At Hampstead Roofing Specialists, we efficiently install affordable flat roofs across the South. We are pleased to offer the following flat roofing services:

  • Felt Roofing
  • Single ply membranes
  • Removal of existing coverings
  • Flat roof maintenance & repairs

By far the biggest advantage of using a flat roof is the expense. From the initial building and installation to the materials most often used to cover the roof, flat roofs are fairly cheap. Many types of material used for installation run about .80 a foot, which makes a flat roof extremely affordable both for the initial installation and the maintenance and upkeep.


Flat Roofs

Used commonly on extensions, the flat roof has its own special set of benefits that can be taken advantage of.

Hampstead Roofing Specialists also do fibreglass roofs, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is comprised of polyester resin and chopped strand mat glass fibres, which are mixed together to form a laminate. GRP fibreglass has become one of the most popular forms of flat roofing systems because it is not only a strong material but doesn’t add too much extra weight to the structure.