Roofing may be damaged due to natural causes such as bad weather, regardless of why, a damaged roof needs to be repaired to repaired to prevent further damage.

Hampstead Roofing Specialists offer repairs such as slipped tiles, broken slates, or damage felt leaks, this may have been caused by storm damage or other poor weather conditions. With over 20 years of experience offering a professional and quality roofing service to our clients. Our dedicated team are fully insured and trained so you can be assured that you will expect only the best service from us.


Loose roofing tiles can fall off during particularly bad weather especially over the winter, this will leave your roof exposed to the elements and will allow water to seep into the lower layers of the roof and cause leaks, mould and damp. Its important to get a missing roof tile replaced as quick as possible to avoid future problems. Hampstead Roofing Specialists are happy to help repair damaged roofs no matter how big or small.

Damage Roof Repair

Damaged roofs need to be fixed quickly to prevent further damage from rain which can cause mould and quickly become an expensive problem!